Local Offerings, 2018

For further information on any open enrollment course to include tuition, course description, as well as prerequisites, click on the appropriate category tab on the top right of this page.  CWP and all pistol courses are on the Pistol Courses page.  Carbine/Shotgun and additional offerings are listed under the 'more' tab.      

6-7 January, Pistol Skill Building 

13 January, S.C. Concealed Weapons Permit Course

14 January, CWP Enhanced

20-21 January, Tactical Pistol 1

27-28 January,  Defensive Pistol, CLOSED COURSE

3-4 February, Advanced Concealed Carry

10 February, S.C. Concealed Weapons Permit Course

11 February, CWP Enhanced

17-18 February, S.C. Man Down Medical

20 Februaty, Pistol, CONTRACT

21 February, Pistol, PRIVATE CWP

24-25 February, Tactical Carbine 1

1-4 March, Pistol, RESTRICTED, CLOSED 


7 March, Pistol Development, PRIVATE

10 March, S.C. CWP

11 March, CWP Enhanced

17-18 March, Defensive Pistol

24-25 March, Fighting Shotgun 

26-29 March, Carbine intense, CLOSED COURSE

31 March- 1 April, Carbine, RESTRICTED 

7-8 April, Tactical Pistol I 

14 April, S.C. Concealed Weapons Permit

15 April, CWP Enhanced

15 April, Pistol Dynamics, RESTRICTED

21-22 April, Movement, Cover, and Concealment

24-26 April, Pistol, PRO, CLOSED COURSE 

28-29 April, Pistol Caliber Carbine INQUIRE

30-1 May, PERSEC, (personal security), contract, non firing, 

5-6 May, Fit to Fire (fitness and live fire), INQUIRE 

12 May, S.C. CWP Permit Course

13 May, CWP Enhanced

15 May, Pistol, CLOSED COURSE

16 May, Pistol, CLOSED COURSE 

19-20 May, Pistol Caliber Carbine, Practicals, INQUIRE

2-3 June, Pistol Skill Building I

5-6 June, School Resource Officer, RESTRICTED 


11,12, June, Firearms Safety Workshop for kids and families.

13 June, Pistol, RESTRICTED

14 June, Pistol, RESTRICTED

16 June, S.C. CWP

17 June, CWP Enhanced

19-20 June, Active Shooter, RESTRICTED

23-24 June, Pistol Skill Building I (overflow).

30-1 July, Pistol Skill Building II

6-8 July, Advanced Concealed Carry PRO Course, Plain Clothes Team,  Contract.


14-15 July, Pistol, Speed and Precision (existing students only).  Inquire

16 July, Pistol, RESTRICTED

17 July, Pistol/Carbine, PRIVATE

26-27 July, Man Down Medical, Special Operations Team, RESTRICTED

11-12 August, Pistol Caliber Carbine I off venue, RESTRICTED

8-9 September, Pistol Skill Building I

15-16 September,  Tactical Pistol 1 Delayed, Hurricane

20-21 September,  Tactical Pistol, PRO Contract 

22-23 September, Tactical Pistol 1  

26-30 September, Protective Security Detail, Pro Contract, alternating venue 

6-7 October, Defensive Pistol 

13 October, S.C. Concealed Weapons Permit Course

14 October, CWP Expanded 

20-21 October, Pistol Caliber Carbine I

27-28 October, Fighting Shotgun

1-4 November, Pro Development, RESTRICTED

10-11 November, Movement, Cover, and Concealment, Pistol

17-18 November, Movement Cover, and Concealment, Pistol Caliber Carbine  

1-2 December, Advanced Concealed Carry  

8-9 December, Defensive Pistol, MAT Christmas Social afterwards.  Aged beef on the grill.  

15 December, S.C. Concealed Weapons Permit


5-6 January, Pistol Skill Building I

12 January, S.C. Concealed Weapons Permit

13 January, CWP Enhanced

19-20 January, Tactical Pistol I

26-27 January, Defensive Pistol CLOSED COURSE

2-3 February, Pistol Caliber Carbine 1

16 February, S.C. Concealed Weapons Permit

17 February, CWP Enhanced

23-24 Pistol Skill Building 1

2-3 March, Pistol Caliber Carbine 1

9-10 March, Urban Pistol 

16-17 March, S.C. Defensive Pistol 

23-24 March, Advanced Concealed Carry 

30-31 March, Tactical Pistol 1  

6 April, S.C. CWP, Inquire

6-7 April, Pistol Skill Building 1 

13-14 April, Pistol Caliber Carbine 1

27-28 April, Urban Pistol

4-5 May, Urban Pistol Caliber Carbine

11-12 May, Movement, Cover, and Concealment, Pistol

18-19 May, Movement, Cover, and Concealment, Pistol Caliber Carbine  

25-25 May, Pistol Skill Building 1

8-9 June, Defensive Pistol

Summer schedule pending, awaiting confirmation of pro contract courses.  

7 September, S.C. CWP, Inquire  

7-8 September, Pistol Skill Building 1

14-15 September, Tactical Pistol 1  

21-22 September, Pistol Caliber Carbine One

29-29 September, RESTRICTED Contract Course   

Train where the pros train.

Learn life saving skills.

Our Cadre


Lucky was a SWAT sniper, operator, and instructor at a major metropolitan area.  He was also a Blackwater Contractor.  


Mike is a SEAL operator and medic, Tier 1.    


Boss serves as our Director of Training.  Aside from being a gun pro way before it was cool, he's an ok guy on some days.              

We don't have much to say about us, because this is not about us.  It's about our clients.  For ten years we've been here in the lowcountry having instructed an impressively large number of people from all walks of life.  We're still working pros; active duty, contracting, consulting, and protective details.  We all have families.  Our chosen lives have affected our personal security and that of our families to a larger degree than is acceptable.  We're not looking to be rock stars.  Plenty of guys want that and we leave them to it.  We want to continue as quiet professionals, helping our clients live safer, more confident and competent lives. 

It would be extremely hard, if not impossible, to put together and sustain our level of success with students in general, and our pro clientele in particular, if our cadre wasn't the consummate professionals that they are.      

A number of our friends and colleagues have cashiered their experience for celebrity; that's their right, they earned it.  We're going to stick to our low profile lives offering solid instruction right here on our little patch of dirt.  If you want to hang with a celebrity, there's plenty of it out there and it seems to get more outrageous everyday.  But if you want high quality training that builds not only skills, but  knowledge, insights, and context, we are here to help.                

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a course?

Email us telling us which course and date and ask for a registration form.  It's that simple.

Do you accept credit cards?

When you request the registration form let us know you want to pay by credit card and an invoice will be sent to take you to the secure server.  We are never in possession of your sensitive information.  You can also send in a check.       

Where do I drop by to see you guys?

Sorry, there is no dropping by.  We are NOT a retail or social outlet.  We do not have a range that is open to the public nor do we have a retail outlet.  When you are on our range your are safe from the stupidity in gun handling that we see on public ranges.  No one is on our training  range but those in the class and those teaching the class.  We do not intend to be unfriendly, we're just not set up for the 'talk it up' end of the business.  Lots of guys wouldn't even be in this business except that they talk a good game and the biggest part of their business is that they 'used car salesman' you into taking a course.  We save our talking for producing results for you on the range.     

Whether we are on the range, in the shop, or being punished and forced to man the office, we are not set up for visitors.  Vetted course participants are sent range access information. Range info is not available to the general public.                

I really want to talk to someone on the phone...

Email us.  If you have to talk to someone we will arrange it, but email is much better.  Some answers require consideration and if a couple of us look at your question you might get a fuller answer.  Email works for us because we are in the office at hours that a phone call is improper and we like having a written record of what was said.  It is simply way more efficient for us.  Some businesses live and breathe by phone sales.  We are not in the sales business.  The last thing we want to do is put a gun in the hand of a reluctant person.  


I am traveling from out of town, do you have recommendations?

Absolutely, email us, and we might have a few questions to help you find the right place but most of our students are from out of the immediate area so we do this with some frequency.    

I have apprehensions about training...

We get it.  Depending on the level, you will receive everything from nurturing, to us struggling right there with you to push you to achieve your optimal performance.  We teach courses from beginner to advanced and they require different approaches to be effective.    We hear from many of you that what you see on the website seems over your head or two stressful.  Get in on our basic courses, they are no pressure skill building events, and then we can take you as far as you devote yourself to working to achieve.  

Where do I go, what do I do?

Instructions accompany the registration  sheet and additional instructions are sent to every registered participant prior to class time.  You will not be left out.  

I want more info on a course.

Email us,  We have a cut sheet for most courses and will gladly sent it.  If you have additional questions, just ask.   

What does pass/fail mean?

We're not of the 'everyone gets a trophy' way of thinking.  Courses have standards.  We have an awards segment along with the debrief at the end of the courses.  If you don't meet the standards then you don't get a certificate.       

Do you have courses that you do not list?

We have plenty of courses that we have taught and refined for years that we do not list but are available although some are pro clients only.  Much of our work is contract work wherein you bring us your group.  You want a specific course and have a group that qualifies and we will teach it.      

Why is your church team training not available to individuals?

The church training, as with all of our team courses are for just that, a team.  Generally speaking, team tactics are not going to be productive for an individual just as individual tactics do not hold up in a team environment.  

Can one of you guys come speak to our group?

Probably not.  We have done some, and will continue with limited engagements on an ongoing basis but we're tired of being jumped by some pretty extreme people on both ends of the spectrum.  We're here to educate, not to argue.     

Do you offer a military discount?

The Pro price listed under the standard cost on certain courses denotes the price to be paid by currently active duty military, full time law enforcement, and full time first responders.  A guy that kicks down a down a door to put out a fire or save someone from a heart attack is a doorkicker, a brother, and is welcome to the discount.    Documentation is required.  Discounts are not available on all courses.  

I am a hobbyist not worried about the zombie apocalypse, am I welcome to come train?

You are.  As long as you are safe and competent for the course requested and work seriously alongside your counterparts on the line you are welcome.  We find all aspects of elevating firearms awareness, safety, and skills as a productive thing for us to involve ourselves in.  The more different types of people we train, the better we become as instructors, and the more competent we are to be adding to the body of knowledge.     

My weekends are busy, why don't you offer more one day courses?

We have found from years of doing this that the one day retention rate among students is abysmal and a serves as an injustice to and false confidence for the student.    Three days is optimal, but most folks can't spare three days.  We compromise by packing too much into a two day course with as much reinforcement as we can.     

I have my own group, can you schedule a course for us?

We train everything from private, semi private to specialized teams in closed courses weekly.  The fact is that we do more of that than we do published courses.  Contact us for course and date availability.  Some folks prefer to establish their own pace, some have privacy issues, and some need to do this because they can't fit in with our schedule.              

I can't legally own a gun but I'd like to come shoot.


I have a question that is not answered?

We tried to condense our website and say more with less.  Maybe we missed something.  Email us. We will try and get you an answer.