Church Protective Team

Working from real world imposed  conditions.  

Training you to protect your mission is OUR mission.

We have the most comprehensive and proven program available.  

Firing while helping a wounded teammate.  

The Training

The whole notion of protecting a congregation seems ludicrous to some, but to others it is essential.  Currently the standard options are for a three day program or a more intense five day.  This training is not scheduled and something you can just sign up for.  This is team training and as such it serves no purpose for a single entity to go through it.  If you want to improve your individual skills we have have a slate full of courses that will do that.        

Training Outline

  Level 1, (3 training days)   

Individual Skill Development 

Threat Assessment 

Hardening the Venue 

Active Shooter Response 

Open Hand and Verbal Options 

Armed Maneuvering Through a Crowd 

Lethal Force Scenario Drills, Days one and three are live fire on the range (ours or yours), 

Training Day two is unarmed in the church facility when possible.       

Level 1.5 (5 training days)   

All of the above with the addition of Man Down Medical procedures and Expanded Live Fire