Pro and Specialty Training

Most courses that we offer can be taught to you or your group. We teach private, semi private and small groups very frequently. Some folks can't mesh with our schedule, some prefer to control who they train with, while others wish to train at a certain pace that cannot be accommodated in a full class.



It's amazing the inquiries that we get from corporate America about everything from disgruntled former employees to a sincere desire to make a business safer.  We can help.  


Some churches are not in a position to put together a team whether it's money or the politics within the church.  Yet these folks want guidance in operating safer and keeping their flock safe.  We do that.   

Homes and Families

People have burglar alarms, and deadbolts but know that this just isn't enough.  Whether you need guidance in efficient and effective ways of 'hardening the perimeter', your kids need lessons on how to walk a city street, or you want to work out an action plan that fits your abilities and surroundings, we are happy to help you solve these problems.        


In a world gone wild...

We found long ago that most scenarios turned violent could have been managed better.  Working with a prominent psychologist, who also helps us teach it, whether it is your organization, or law enforcement agency, we can give you the tools you need to be less adversarial.  Do we mean enforce the law with less vigor?  No, charge the offenders.  But there are ways to do it and minimize the public rancor.  Then too, some folks cause themselves way more trouble with the authorities than they need to.  Let's get both sides dialed down a notch, because a lawless world, and this unacceptable war on cops, makes things more dangerous for all of us.