Pistol Caliber Carbine, Carbine, and Shotgun

Welcome to our long gun page.   Here you can see our offerings for Carbine, the awesome but way underutilized and under appreciated shotgun, and the new rage the Pistol Caliber Carbine. 


We don't want to get into a discussion of firearm laws, but some ingenuous gun guys have made it possible for all of us to be easily acquiring and shooting what used to be an NFA regulated weapon that came with a special tax as well.  We don't really know what to call them to accurately and descriptively talk about the weapon.  Yeah, they are large format pistols and AR pistols, but with the wrist braces they become shoulder mountable.  By all accounts the ATF upholds this, and we're all for it.  This weapon system offers a number of advantages for personal defense as well as for us as an instruction firm.  We were reluctant to put regular people through Urban Rifle, but now we have Urban PCC debuting in 2019.  We NEVER would have offered Movement, Cover, and Concealment for open enrollment carbine, but we now have it for PCC.  With the AR pistol you as a shooter can train with a cheaper pistol caliber and still get your functions and sight offset down.  Those are the two biggest obstacles to carbine performance.  

The 5.56 or higher caliber weapons have incredible power.  However, we cannot run but so many courses of that profile and they are quickly bought up by professional entities.  If all of you guys get really good suppressors we can run carbine more often.  We see everything from 4" PCC's to 16" 9mm carbines in this series.  All are welcome as long as it is a pistol caliber.  These are great for home defense with many advantages.  The keyboard commandos take issue with our saying that.  But when you are in this course series it is demonstrated to you repeatedly how advantageous this format is.  Ladies, this is a great way for you to learn the carbine with a lighter weight, lower muzzle blast weapon.  Many of these are small enough to slip into a backpack and travel on the seat beside you as you drive.  We have a very limited number of PCC's for use in courses but are acquiring more to facilitate families training together; we are genuinely working to make this happen more consistently.     

The shotgun.  We are at a loss for this misunderstood and considered largely uncool weapon.  We love the shotgun.  It will open a door, and it will open a bad guy's chest.  It honestly is the most complex of the personal weapons to run properly.  It really is, as everyone that takes this training comes to realize.  It's a great work out, mentally as well as physically.  It is also the cheapest of all the fighting weapons with a fine quality fighting shotgun available for only a few hundred dollars.  We also see some outrageously expensive weapons in this class.  We often advise students that are not interested in the shotgun to work the shotgun with us.  The added complexity and work load will make a better fighter out of a shooter when he moves back to the simpler format, and everyone comes out of shotgun with their most rock solid stance working.  Is this important even when shooting a 9mm pistol?  Oh yeah, you can bet it is and we're more than happy to show you.   

We strongly suggest that you take a pistol course with us prior to entering a long gun course.  

Pistol Caliber Carbine

Pistol Caliber Carbine, Level 1

Start time TD 1:   0830

                   TD2:   0900

Cost $450.00

This is the entry level course, and required for advancement to any higher course in the PCC series.  As with all of our level one courses if will stress the fundamentals and how to apply them strictly, efficiently, and with repeatable results.  Pistol Skill Building 1 is recommended prior to entry.  We will allow a parent to enroll a teen with them in this course, but both will have to have successfully completed level 1 PSB.     

If the gun fight was a matter of standing still and everything going right like it does on a sunny day at your shooting club then more people would be prepared.  But guns go down, malfunctions happen, reloads are necessary, additional adversaries pop out; it is a complex dynamic churning at the speed of life.  Level One fighting courses are great learning experiences.       

Movement, Cover, and Concealment, PCC

Start time TD 1:  0830

                  TD 2:  0900

Cost:  $450.00  

One of the things we've learned over the years is that there is a lost art to using cover properly.  We hear of cover being taught in a cursory manner such as stand here and jump out.  How to effectively use cover and adjust it for your conditions is crucial.  You have to understand how to read those conditions.  How do you exploit the cretin's use of cover?  What is your most efficient manner of movement between sources of cover and how do I optimize the use of it when I get there.  Participants in this course will tell you how naked it feels to be behind cover wrong and unable to use it, to move, or to fire.  It happens, and it happens in real life.  This is one of the most complex things that we do, it is immensely rewarding, and from an instructor's point of view it is great fun.  We are FIRM believers that learning can be fun.     

Urban PCC

Start time TD 1:  0830

                  TD 2: 0900

Cost:  $450.00

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National Recognition

On the pages of national and international publications you can read articles by us and about us, the above being from SWAT magazine.  In our tiny little corner of the Lowcountry of S.C. we are steadily working to elevate the body of knowledge.  Our isolating and defining the changes in the BZO (Battle Zero) from sight in position to a side prone position has saved lives.  We are immensely proud that guys are having ice cream with their kids because of something that we did.         

Tactical Prep School

Duration:  Two Days

Cost:  $450

This course is half pistol, half carbine as we help make students ready to enter our tactical series.  We cover a wide range of topics from basic operation to gear selection.  This course is not a prerequisite, but unless you have a solid foundation with both weapons it is advised.  This is one of those courses that you can take with your teenager.  We have additional carbines from our sponsor, Daniel Defense.                    

This course is only occasionally on the schedule and is generally offered by demand only.   

Tactical Carbine I

Duration:  Two Days

Cost:  $450

Part one in our tactical carbine series, it moves from the fundamental operation of the weapon to complex sight offset problems.  Be advised.  Class size is small and this is a somewhat rare open enrollment opportunity.  Most of our carbine time is bought up by pro entities, so if you see it on the schedule, jump on it.   Magpul is a sponsor, so there are likely to be Magpul give aways.  TC1 is requried before entering our specialty carbine lineup such as Urban Rifle and Movement, Cover, and Concealment (rifle version).  As with many of our courses, we take this course on the road and can teach it on your range.             


The most violent weapon in the personal arsenal.

Fighting Shotgun

Duration:  Two Days

Cost:  $450

Pro:  $385   

People ask us why we are so jacked up on the shotgun.  Aside from it being incredibly violent, it is also the cheapest of all the fighting guns to involve oneself with.  While a carbine and optic are big bucks, just a couple hundred dollars will get you a good shotgun (although we see plenty of high dollar designer labels).  But the thing that really gets us going is that the shotgun provides a wonderful pathway to being better on the other primary weapon systems.  You WILL manage recoil better afterwards.  Your mind will become better engaged because the shotgun demands it like no other personal  weapon.  The shotgun is readily accessible and seems more universally legal as you cross state lines.  Even during the very dire ammo shortages, there were shotgun shells and we could keep training, so plenty of things have kept us engaged with and believing in the shotgun.  One thing though, shotgun is NOT the point and shoot weapon your grandpa shot birds with.  And of course, there is the fact that 200 rounds through a carbine and you are just getting warmed up.  Two hundred rounds through a shotgun is a pretty stout workload if you mix in movement and pistol transitions.