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Welcome, and thank you for visiting our site.  We have great things happening at ManAlone and we would certainly like to see you if you are interested in furthering your firearms and defensive capabilities.  Our site is very nuts and bolts.  If you need more info let us know.  We are here to see to your training success and have built a fine track record of doing precisely that.  An astonishing number of people are living safer, more confident lives due to their ManAlone experience.  Whether you need live fire training from our list of courses, custom training for a specific need or organization, or security consults for your home or business, we are here for the task.


ManAloneTactical, LLC was founded in 2008, dedicated to bringing a higher level of training home to the Lowcountry.  Since that time we have  trained folks from beginner to our most elite special forces.        

Whether it is for security reasons, privacy concerns, or just to improve the experience, many folks are opting for private and semi private training.  While it sometimes is a more costly option, it is also a more efficient pathway.  Whether you want CWP or higher level training for you,  your family, or have your own small group for any of our open enrollment courses, know that we can accommodate these training needs.  We do not generally post the dates but we are on the range every week engaged in this training.  We can arrange to not publish your pics and no one else is going to be on the range, (we own our own facilities so we control this).  Email us to arrange your class.  

We are located in the lowcountry of S.C. most convenient to the Beaufort, Bluffton, Charleston, Hilton Head, and Savannah areas, although our students and clients come to us from coast to coast.     


Pistol, Carbine, and Shotgun.  

From beginner to pro, we have a course offering that will enhance your abilities and develop crucial skills, all the while building context and mind set to help you dominate in a lethal force encounter.  Please see our course descriptions for more information on our offerings.  We try to keep these as brief as possible.  Should you need a fuller description, please email.  If what you need is not on the schedule with dates that work for you let us know.  Whether you want to train with a group or privately we will do all we can to fit you in.                 

Our students are treated with respect.  We do not subscribe to the notion that yelling and belittling are effective motivational tools to facilitate learning.  You had sufficient motivation to get signed up and show up.  It's up to us to use our skills to instruct and guide you to a higher level of performance and let your successes drive you to an effective level of internal motivation.

Maybe you are already an experienced shooter and think we can't help you.  Would some of the top shooters in the government inventory turn to us if we could not help?  Our diagnostic skills are without equal.  You can go and practice that complex drill time and again, but without an understanding of why you aren't achieving it you might never get there.  We can give you the tools to move to a higher level of speed and precision.  Neither of those wins the gunfight alone. 

                  It takes both.                         

The ManAloneTactical Experience

Additional Information

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro you can bet that you will be treated with respect while training with us, whether your choice is elemental firearms training or advanced tactical.  You have a choice in your training, we prefer to be the wise choice.  Our cadre is made up of folks who have not only proven their proficiency with a gun, but they have established an ability to teach and realize that it is not about us and what we can do, it's about what we can lead you to be able to do.  There is the very real chance at ManAlone that as a beginner can wind up in a class with pros.  Both of you should see this as an advantage.  As a pro you can set a solid example on the line for others to emulate.  As a beginner you have this example to look to and both of you can learn from the struggles of the other.  Pros struggle in lower level courses that a beginner might be in?  Of course they do.  You see, we don't have one one standard for the class, we have a separate standard for everyone in the class and this is namely, your best.  We want to find your best, then move those boundaries outward as we build more skills and context.  Good enough simply isn't good enough in the gun fight of today or the litigious society that we live in.  

Peruse the website, we're are in the process of expanding the content so come back again soon.  Look at the pictures, you might see someone you know or someone that fits your profile.  We train all sorts of people with a common interest; namely the desire to improve their firearms skills.  We can help, but we can't trace this website contact back to you and invite you out.  You have to contact us.  We don't put you on a gimmicky mailing list or try to sell you memberships.  Training and consulting are what we do and we'd be pleased to perform these tasks for you in your pursuit of living a more confident, more competent life.  We even have hobbyist students who simply want to shoot better and associate with other shooters.  Those folks are welcome too.  

Time and again we hear from folks who are apprehensive about the training process.  They worry about the radical nuts they're going to meet, or the 'walk on water' instructors.  Generally speaking, the radical nuts only train with each other and our instructors are some of the most regular folks you will ever meet.  If you get behind a gun you will most certainly mess up on occasion and we've all messed up enough to build humility into the mix.  Time and again our clients establish contact with each other during classes and arrange to come back to the same classes.  If you get in training sequence with us you  are very likely to see many of the same faces as they move through the courses with you, and even later as they come back as repeats.  Our student retention rate says a great deal about the ManAlone experience.  We have students with twenty or more certificates on their wall.  Those students with schedules or other life demands that preclude their going further remain supporters and keep up with us, and us with them, through social media.  

Safety is always a concern.  Everyday that we are on a range the first item of business is the safety brief.  Along with that comes the medical brief.  For all classes we have medical kits and personnel able to use them along with an evacuation plan in case of an injury.  Some among our cadre have elevated medical knowledge and skills, but in all cases you are in good hands with equipment and skills in place.  You're not going to find this everywhere you go as the medical plan for most is to call 911.  Not only will the safety plan be briefed, but it will be adhered to.  No student or staff will EVER be allowed to endanger you.   



To register for any of our courses, email us telling us which course, what date, and how many slots you need.  We will respond via email with the  registration form and/or information as may be necessary.  There is NO online registration process.         

You can send in a check or pay via credit card.  If paying by credit card, ask for a credit card invoice when requesting the registration form.        



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Please, email us if you do not see what you are looking for on the website.



Calling us when we are on the range is a dangerous disruption, so you might not get us easily.   


Please check the website, if your answer is not there, email us and we will get you an answer.  We much prefer an email to a phone call.  

If you are trying to sell us a product or service and call, be assured we will NOT be buying.   


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